At Neighborhood Studios we’ve created a repeatable process to identify unique insights to hyperlocal problems, develop novel product entry points, de-risk our product approach, recruit exceptional co-founder/CEOs and ultimately launch 2 hyperlocal startups per year.

We evaluate


startup ideas per year

We dive deep into


of them per year

We experiment

A lot

We launch


startups per year

Our work

P2P Circular Economy Marketplace

Receive the original purchase price for your unused household items.


Payment plans for lease break penalties

Apartment lease break penalties covered, ensuring smooth tenant transitions.


A members' only home exchange for last-minute travel

Share homes and travel to charming cities for just the cleaning fee.

Studio Company

Expert home painting with interior design help

Be confident in your next home painting project with the help of a free interior designer.


Last minute peer-to-peer
fashion marketplace

Rent the latest styles and trends with
our peer-to-peer rental marketplace.


The ultimate credit card for foodies

The epic credit card for enjoying the best things to eat and drink around town.


Last minute home exchange network

Travel every weekend for free in a members-only network of homes.


One-stop shop for the best furniture in your area.

Our goal is to create an online store specifically for the best secondhand furniture available in your local area.


A new age of real estate is upon us

The real estate industry is in a period of turbulence. Home prices have soared. Institutional home buyers have intensified competition.


It’s time to revolutionize senior care. Here’s how.

The stats are astonishing. We are only beginning to grasp the full impact that COVID has had on our lives over the past three years.


Mass market interior design

Out of all of the industries we have examined, interior design stands out as particularly unique.


Small business financing

Homegrown is an investment platform that connects local investors with best-in-class businesses that are ready to expand.

Studio Company

Second home ownership

We help you find, buy, and manage a second home in the countryside that pays for itself.


Neighbor community platform

The apartment community app that gives the power back to residents by aggregating & sharing resident feedback.


Apprenticeships for the skilled trades

Trade school enrollment is down while demand for these skills is growing. We are exploring apprenticeship models in this area.


One-click food ordering

With our app you just click one button and your favorite orders will be sent to the restaurant for pickup or delivery.


What’s next for convenience stores?

Convenience stores are very protected from traditional internet competition. What's next for this staple of neighborhoods?


Meal sharing

Meal preparation outside of traditional restaurants got off to a rocky start, but there's a great deal of opportunity there. We are exploring novel approaches here.


What’s next in home services?

Few startup areas have had more attempts than Home Services. We are exploring the models that are likely to come next related to taking care of your home.

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